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Food and Drink

Bavarian cuisine today is highly varied. Alongside a broad range of international dishes there are many traditional specialities from the various Bavarian regions: beer, Franconian wine, Weisswurst and luncheon meat, fried sausages, pork roast, dumplings, cheese noodles, and numerous potato and flour dishes.

The typical Bratwurst sausage from Franconia is cooked over a fire. In Upper Bavaria people prefer Weisswurst sausage or Leberkäse (luncheon meat), both of which are traditionally eaten with sweet mustard and pretzels. Mountain cheese is a speciality of the high Alpine pastures - and Nuremberg's spicy cakes known as Lebkuchen are a particularly sweet delicacy.

Foreign specialities from Italy, Greece and China enrich the range on offer, and Turkish kebab stands in the streets have long been a fixture.