Exhibition at St. Moriz

St. Moriz has donned newly restored raiment right in time for the Reformation quincentenary. Along with the exhibition, concerts of sacred music are enticements to visit.
Luther preached seven times before the Elector of Saxony and his retinue in the Church of St. Moriz over the Easter holidays in 1530. The reformer probably hardly recognized the church, which he had last seen with a late Romanesque nave during a stay in 1518. Radical remodeling had been underway since 1520: One now gazed into a grandly sized, late Gothic nave. Hans Gris and Cunz Krebs, commissioned with its construction, probably modeled it after the new churches in the rich silver mining towns of Freiberg and Annaberg. New-fashioned Lutheran services had been being held at St. Moriz since 1524.

Ducal Tomb in Renewed Splendor
The late Gothic hall church with its unique late Renaissance ducal tomb and 18th century early neoclassicist additions is being presented in renewed splendor. At the same time, visitors experience Coburg’s main church as the center of a lively Lutheran congregation’s worship and, not least, as an authentic venue for sacred music. A number of concerts will make the church resound during the state exhibition.