Luther Decade

The Bavarian State Exhibition “Knights, Peasant, Lutherans” opening a panorama on the period around 1500 five hundred years after Martin Luther posted his Ninety-Five Theses opens in 2017. The exhibition is the Free State of Bavaria’s chief contribution to the Luther Decade. Information on other events connected to the Bavarian State Exhibition is also available on the city of Coburg’s website.

Preparatory Colloquium for the 2017 Bavarian State Exhibition “Knights, Peasants, Lutherans”
A preparatory colloquium + for the state exhibition was held in Coburg on April 14-15. The presentations and discussions explored the state of research on the questions the exhibition strives to answer: How did the early 16th century world change and how did contemporaries experience this? What challenges and opportunities did this “new era” entail? What shape did conflict as well as coexistence among confessions take? For a list of the presentations, which have largely been published in the exhibition catalog, click here.