The City of Coburg’s Supporting Program
One of the state exhibition’s partners, the city of Coburg has put together an extensive supporting program. Two brochures, also available as downloads, furnish information on “Luther in Coburg” and on the important historic building of the Church of St. Moriz. A detailed description of the stage of Neustadt-Rottenbach on the altogether 885 kilometer-long Luther Trail intended is an invitation to a hike that builds bridges between people, religions, history, culture and landscape.
Just a glance at the online calendar reveals the gamut of supporting events organized by the city of Coburg: Talks such as “At Home with Martin Luther” or “Luther’s Rose” in simple (German) language, “Chats at Three” with Pastor Rainer Axmann or Josef Gründel from the Diocese of Bamberg’s division of ecumenism, readings such as “Being Men’s Desire and Joy” with Sylvia Weigelt, exhibitions such as “Martin Luther in Neustadt: Good Friday 1530” at St. Georg in Neustadt are but a small sampling of the extensive program you can peruse on the city of Coburg’s website