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How Bavaria Became a Free State and What Makes It So Distinctive

HdBG Magazin number 2 is our museum guide. In it, Dr. Richard Loibl, Director of the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte, gives his personal tips for a visit to the museum.

The museum guide is the ideal companion for viewing the permanent exhibition at our museum in Regensburg.

Map of the permanent exhibition, graphic by Saskia Rasink

The permanent exhibition recounts how Bavaria became a Free State and what makes it so distinctive. Why Bavaria is considered the German constitutional state,why Ludwig II’s death is mysterious, what bicyclists have to do with the king, how Bavaria made both a traditional and modern appearance in Chicago for the first time, how Hitler became big in Munich, how displaced persons in Franconia made pop music possible, how “guest workers” changed Bavaria, how the Olympics staged a big show, how a balloon landed in Naila and caused a sensation in Hollywood.

What is more: Democracy live – visitors can vote on political decisions in original seats from the Bavarian State Parliament’s old chamber. A motorcade over the Brenner Pass standing for the period of the Wirtschaftswunder and for the automotive industry that still dominates Bavaria’s economy is also something special. An exception among our theater stages: the Nazi era. Everything outward is turned inward there. No exhibition can escape this subject and ours treats this dark chapter of history with sensitivity.

The chronologically arranged permanent exhibition is flanked by cultural showcases that explore what is particularly Bavarian or even just thought to be. After all, a lot is associated with Bavarians: dialects, festivals, architecture and majestic nature.

The richly illustrated magazine can be purchased from our online HdBG shop.

HDBG Magazin - Der Museumsführer
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