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Bavarian State Exhibition 2016: "Beer in Bavaria"

Beer – it's Bavaria's fifth element!
From filters to fermentation, barrels to bungs, hops to handpumps, steins to sausages, pretzels to radishes, and dirndls to oompah bands, beer is a quintessential component of the Bavarian lifestyle. The Bavarian State Exhibition in 2016, "Beer in Bavaria", is all about Bavaria's traditional beer and pub culture, and its enormous international success.

The year 2016 marks the 500th anniversary of the Bavarian Beer Purity Law. The Centre of Bavarian History is taking it as an opportunity to present the cultural history of a beverage that is something very special for the people of Bavaria. Highly appreciated as a "food", as the Bavarian national drink, and regarded as the epitome of Bavarian drinking culture, beer has become a trademark and a myth. The big beer festivals, the lucrative wheat beer monopoly of the Wittelsbach dynasty, and the rebellions whenever the price of beer was increased reveal the close association between the Bavarians and their favourite beverage, which today is an integral part of their international image.

Seven reasons to visit the Bavarian State Exhibition:

  • It shows Bavaria's "fifth element" from all kinds of angles,
  • it blends beer and baroque against the unique backdrop of an ancient abbey,
  • it presents all kinds of beer celebrities and beer-related treasures,
  • it brings together originally preserved facilities and large equipment, such as an old brewhouse, the "Sau", and a kiln,
  • it presents a series of impressive multimedia scenarios,
  • it provides an opportunity to visit the Aldersbach Brewery and the Baroque Abbey Church designed by the famous Asam brothers,
  • and it offers an extensive supporting programme of concerts, cabaret, theatre, beer tasting events, and much more.