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Special Products

Bavaria has several special products to contribute to the foodstuff and beverage industry. First of all there are the 40 or more different kinds of beer, brewed with hops from Bavaria's Hallertau - the largest hop-growing area in the world - and also the Spalt in Franconia. Bavarian beer is brewed according to a purity law passed by Duke Wilhelm IV in 1516. Ever since, German and Bavarian brewers have made certain that their beer contains only water, hops and barley.

Wine was grown all over Bavaria during the Middle Ages, but today the industry is mainly limited to the Main region of Franconia. A special characteristic of Franconian wine is the flask-shaped bottle from which it is served, known as a Bocksbeutel. The local vintners gained the right to use this trade mark from the European Union together with a handful of other regional wine areas in Europe.

The Bavarians were also the first Germans to plant potatoes for food rather than just decoratively - the event took place in Pilgramsreuth, Franconia, in the year 1647.

Asparagus is a seasonal product that is harvested from early May to June 24. It is primarily grown in the sandy soil of Upper Bavaria and Swabia.