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Glückliche Agriculture is still a distinctive feature of Bavaria, even though the number of farms is steadily decreasing. Family-run farms are the mainstay of the state's agriculture.

In the mountain regions from the Allgäu to Berchtesgaden, dairy farming is still predominant, partly in the special form of the alpine pasture. Cereals and grain are primarily grown on the fertile plains of the Danube valley and in Lower Bavaria. The Hallertau region is the world centre of hop cultivation.

In 1804 the Bavarian elector established Weihenstephan, the oldest agricultural academy in Germany. The Agrarian and Forestry Institute of Munich's Technical University is still based there today.

The first central agricultural festigval took place in Munich in 1810. It still exists today, and can be visited every two years at the Oktoberfest.