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Industry II

The traditional industries in Bavaria also include glass and ceramics. Some companies have only withstood international competition successfully by specialising. One such is the firm of Rosenthal Porcelain AG, founded in Selb in Upper Franconia is 1879, which is famed today for its highly artistic luxury products. The Weiden porcelain manufactory of the Bauscher Brothers was the first company to specialise in hotel crockery. It opened its first branch in New York in 1895. Today the company exports to 120 different countries; its form "B1100" is the most-purchased restaurant crockery in the world.

Bavaria is also the base of two of Germany's leading carmakers: BMW and Audi. The Bayerische Motorenwerke (BMW) began producing cars in the years 1929/30 with a British-licensed vehicle called the "Dixi". Cars and also utility vehicles are an important export item today.

Also high on the list of successful Bavarian export articles are paper and printed products. The world's four largest producers of lead and coloured pencils are also headquartered in Bavaria - in and around Nuremberg.