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Traffic Routes

Traffic and trade routes have always passed through Bavaria, and because of this the upkeep and also construction of major roads has always been very important. Ever since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Bavaria has become a centre of international traffic. Today the airports of Munich, Nuremberg and Augsburg offer fast international connections.

The major rivers, especially the Danube, connect Central Europe with the East. During the Middle Ages Regensburg became a centre of trade with the East. In 1992 the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal was completed, creating a river transit route as far as the North Sea and the Black Sea. Bavaria thus has direct access to international harbours. Tourist shipping on the Danube is also growing in importance.

The Alps were crossed more than 2000 years ago by the Romans. Ever since, there has been a brisk exchange between north and south - on foot, by mule, or horse and cart. To this day, the Brenner and Reschen Passes have remained the main trading and tourism routes between Germany and Italy. The Bavarian roads serving these passes are thus correspondingly overcrowded.