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Folk Art

A typical feature of many Bavarian towns and villages is the style of painting known as "Lüftlmalerei", deriving from Italian and South German facade painting during the baroque era.

Bavaria's regional variety is also clear from the different architectural styles: while most of the churches in Upper Bavaria have onion domes, the style in Franconia is predominantly half-timbered or brick, with steep roofs.

Arts and crafts are centred in different regions. Oberammergau, for instance, is a woodcarving centre, while Mittenwald is a centre of violin-making, as is Bubenreuth near Erlangen. Artistically produced glass and porcelain is still made in the Bavarian Forest, the Upper Palatinate and Upper Franconia. Votive tablets made from wood or glass are produced in such important pilgrimage centres as Altötting, Tuntenhausen and Vierzehnheiligen.