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Monasteries as Centres of Learning and Science

In the Middle Ages, the monasteries were crucially important centres of learning and science. During the 16th century numerous schools and centres of education were set up by sovereign princes and towns. In the Catholic regions, schools were mainly run by Jesuits, Benedictine friars, and theologians from canonical convents. Mary Ward (1585-1645), an English Catholic, founded the Order of the Loreto Sisters, which devoted itself to the education of young women. The Benedictine Monastery of Ettal educated young nobles from the 18th century onwards.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, several Bavarian monasteries engaged in specialised research into natural science and medicine, including those of Polling, Rottenbuch and St. Emmeram in Regensburg. In 1802 almost all the monasteries in Bavaria were dissolved, and their educational functions were only reintroduced from 1832 onwards.