Until today there are many people - not only in Germany - who can't reduce the terms Jew , home country, army, bravery and patriotism to a common denominator. Many Germans (including people living in Bavaria) can't imagine that today Jews serve as "normal soldiers" in the "Bundeswehr". But also many Jews can't cope with the fact that Jews have to or chose to serve in an army the predecessor of which was connected with the murder of six million innocent Jewish people. The Jewish-German soldiers had to suffer bitter injustice - they were even murdered - by their non-jewish comrades. They lost their rank, decoration, had to suffer incredible humiliations and harassments, were violated in body and soul in concentration camps, lost their family members through murder and in the end lost their own lives. Authorities in the "Third Reich" even went as far as to remove the graves of the fallen Jewish soldiers (e.g. in France). Their gravestones with the star of David were replaced by crosses with the inscription "unknown soldier" ... more