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Historic Taverns – A Pleasure with a Past

Genuss mit Geschichte (A Taste with Tradition) and Aviso-Einkehr (a presentation of taverns in the magazine Aviso) are two projects aimed at publicising listed taverns in Bavaria. The initiative comes from the Bavarian State Office for Monument Conservation, the Bavarian Association for the Preservation of Traditions, the Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, Bavaria's State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and the Arts. Each region in Bavaria has produced its own individual tavern culture. On these pages, we introduce you to the finest beer taverns.

Goldener Adler, Mürsbach
The Goldene Adler in Mürsbach is a classic Franconian village tavern. In the cosy taproom with its old wooden floor and panelled walls, locals meet at the regulars’ table and strangers to the area are given a warm welcome. Celebrations are held in the ballroom on the first floor and in the summer, guests can enjoy the beer garden. The fruit distillery is located in the basement. The brewery, which dates from the early 19th century, still survives, as does a malt kiln. The menu includes Franconian specialities, freshly prepared using local produce, and partly from organic farming. The beer comes from the small breweries of the region.

Special features:
Beer garden, guided tours of the historic brewery, holiday apartments

Gasthof Goldener Adler
Am Marktplatz 10/12
96179 Mürsbach (distr. Bamberg, OFr.)
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Tel. 09547-6459 or 09533-982200

Opening hours:
Thursdays and Fridays from 4pm, Saturdays from 3pm,
Sundays / holidays from 10am
December to February: closed Thursdays

Brewery tavern Heller ─ "Schlenkerla" in Bamberg
The original beer known as Schlenkerla Rauchbier is one of the tourist attractions in the cathedral city of Bamberg. The brewery tavern "Schlenkerla" in which this traditional speciality is brewed was first mentioned in a document dating from 1405. Even though the brewery is most probably even older, there is proof that it already existed in 1677/78. The "Dominikanerklause", the "Bamberger Zimmer" and the "Altdeutsche Stube" provide an inviting environment with their "old German" furnishing from the 1920s. The Rauchbier tastes especially good with the hearty snacks and Franconian specialities, such as Schäufala or Bamberger sausages. The "Schlenkerla" was awarded the title "Champion Medium International Brewery" in the "Australian Beer Awards 2014".

Special features:
Beer garden, guided tours of the historic brewery, holiday apartments

Gasthof Goldener Adler
Dominikanerstraße 6
96049 Bamberg (OFr.)
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Tel. 0951-56060

Opening hours:

Bräustüberl zur Kanne in Weißenburg
The Schneider brewery, which was built in 1794, is typical of the many traditional breweries in Franconia. Originally built as a private home of a cloth-maker, the building received its current appearance around 1890. The tavern has a central seating area with a bar and corner seats that provide a sedate, turn-of-the-century living room ambiance. Here in the "Bräustüberl" you can enjoy the beers from the establishment's own brewery. The beers go nicely with Franconian and Bavarian specialities made according to old home recipes, such as the Munich Schnitzel, which is seasoned with mustard and horseradish before breading. Beer is also used in the cooking of many dishes – e.g. Brauerfleisch, prepared in dark beer, or carp in beer batter.

Special features:
In-house sales, Brewery Museum

Bräustüberl zur Kanne
Bachgassse 15
91781 Weissenburg in Bavaria
(Distr. Weisenburg-Gunzenhausen, MFr.)
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Tel. 09141 3844

Opening hours:
Wed to Sat 11am-2pm, 5pm-11pm;
Thu, 10am-2pm, 5pm-10pm;
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Der Maierbräu in Altomünster
The history of Altomuenster is characterised by its monastery, founded in the 8th century by St. Alto, revived by the Benedictines in the 11th century and colonised by the Birgittenorden from 1497 onwards. In 1803, the monastery was closed but in 1842, Altomuenster became a convent of the Birgittenorden again. Brewing began when a monastery brewery was set up in Altomünster and today’s “Maierbräu” can be traced back to the 17th century. The stately building, dating from 1838, has a large restaurant with equipment dating back to 1931, plus the "Schützenstüberl" room and a further small and large adjoining room. Gemütlichkeit and a cosy atmosphere are characteristics of the Maierbräu tavern. The menu offers Bavarian delicacies as well as international cuisine. The Speciality Weeks are particularly popular, with asparagus, game and more. The unfiltered beer is brewed specially for the restaurant. Another speciality is the Maierbräu beer bread, from the Maier bakery, which is served with the snacks. If you wish to stay on longer, you can choose one of the 20 cosy guest rooms.

Special features:
Beer from the in-house brewery, specialty "Zwicklbier", brewery tours, guest rooms

Brauerei Gasthof-Hotel Maierbräu
Marktplatz 2
85250 Altomuenster (distr. Dachau, OB)
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Tel. 08254 1279

Opening hours:
Wednesdays to Mondays from 9am, Closed Tuesdays

Gasthaus Huber in Münchham
The tavern “Gasthaus Huber”, first mentioned as early as the 15th century, has been family owned since 1793. It is one of the oldest taverns in Germany. Going into the impressively spacious "Staffewirt" is like entering another world. The low-ceilinged restaurant still has the wood-beamed ceiling it had in the 18th century, and a grandfather clock from the early Biedermeier period. The panelled walls, the glass buffet and the remaining furniture are all from the 1950s. A wood-fired oven from 1946/48, a then state-of-the-art radio and record player of 1948, and a tabletop bowling alley from the period around 1870 are all part of the nostalgic decor. With this unique atmosphere, the Gasthaus Huber has repeatedly served as a film set – e.g. for the cinema adaptation of the novel "Herbstmilch" by Anna Wimscheider.
The roast pork, prepared every weekend by mother and daughter Huber, is rightly famous. The sixth and seventh generation of this family work on the stove here together and serve typical Bavarian snacks. If you prefer a hot meal, however – such as a roast from animals slaughtered on the premises – you need to order in advance.

Special features:
Snacks, hot meals by arrangement, music events

Gasthaus Huber "Staffewirt"
Dorfstrasse 15
94140 Ering-Münchham (distr. Rottal-Inn / NB)
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Tel. 08573 346

Opening hours:
continuous; no day off

Gasthof zum Roten Ochsen in Falkenberg
The "Red Ox" Inn has been in business since 1492. The core of the present building dates primarily from the year 1660, and its exterior from the 18th century. The spacious lounge has a mighty ceiling, and a decorative tiled stove from the Baroque period emanates Gemütlichkeit. Several items of décor date from the 19930s – they once adorned a director's room, and now enhance the sophisticated atmosphere of the "Red Ox".
The Prockl family, now running the traditional inn in their fifth generation, cook fresh food daily. The roast goose is an especially popular item on the home-style Bavarian menu.

Special features:
Terrace with views of Falkenberg Castle

Gasthof Zum Roten Ochsen
Schönfichter Straße 7
95685 Falkenberg (distr. Tirschenreuth, Opf.)
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Tel. 09637-272

Opening hours:
Morning to midnight; Closed Tuesdays

Mesnerwirt in St. Johann
As its roof proudly states, this fine building dates from the year 1765. The Mesnerwirt is the epitome of the Bavarian way of life: "Good food and drink keep body and soul together". The landlord was once a sexton and the place was only allowed to sell drinks, but since 1870 hot meals have also been officially permitted too.
The entrance hall leads to a large dining room with an old fireplace, a Herrgottswinkel, comfortable wall benches, faded family portraits, and several impressive hunting trophies on the walls. The small dining room also exudes a sophisticated tavern atmosphere.
The fried potatoes here, served with all meals, are legendary. Landlady Wally Mader cooks them over her old wood stove – but not on Sundays, when the same stove is required for their equally famous roasts and schnitzels.

Special features:
Terrace, wooden pergola, company parties, Christmas parties, coffee tablem

Mesnerwirt St. Johann
St. Johann Strasse 22
83313 Siegsdorf-St. Johann
(Distr. Traunstein, OB)
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Tel. 08662 7430

Opening hours:
5pm – midnight (hot meals: noon-2pm and 5-9 pm);
Closed Wednesdays
November / December open only Fri-Sun., or by appointment

Gasthof zum Goldenen Löwen
In 1980 Richard and Waldtraud Luber took over the running of their family-owned 300-year-old inn from their mother. They transformed the simple peasants' tavern into a real jewel of a building, with its own brewery and distillery. Art also has a special place here, with exhibitions, events and an art scholarship award in the form of food and lodging for artists.
The "Goldene Löwe", or Golden Lion, is a farmhouse-like establishment: the former barns of the rear building have been turned into individually decorated guest rooms. The menu offers hearty regional fare that is also experimental at times. The style of cooking, according to the chef Richard Luber, is "old style, but with a little more flair maybe". A typical example of newly interpreted Upper Palatine cuisine is the "Bauchstechala" – a local speciality that is worth the journey alone.

Special features:
House brewery, whisky from own distillery

Gasthof zum Goldenen Löwen
Alte Regensburger Straße 18
93183 Kallmünz (distr. Regensburg / Upper Palatinate)
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Tel. 09473 380

Opening hours:
Tue-Sun from 6pm, Sun 11:30am to 2 pm,
Closed Mondays (from November, Mondays and Tuesdays)

Schlossbräustüberl Odelzhausen
The "Schlossbräustüberl" - like the brewery, the hotel and the estate – has been run by the Eser family for three generations. In the 19th century, the brewery was established in the former outbuildings of the castle containing the historic vaulted cellars and the Bräustueberl room, which still survive today. In 1968, part of the castle, with the remaining tower, was rebuilt as a hotel. The beer brewed here is bottom-fermented and delicious. One example is "Operator", a dark strong beer commemorating the fire at the Munich Opera in 1823 and the reconstruction of the National Theatre after the Second World War. Every year, members of the "Association of the Friends of the National Theatre" sample their "Operator" in the Schlossbräustüberl, and sometimes there is even an impromptu performance, free of charge, by an opera star from Munich. The food is exceptionally fresh: the salad and vegetables are grown in the castle garden, the trout come from the castle's own waters, the game is locally hunted, and the rustic bread comes from the wood-fired oven on the premises. The beer plays an important role on the menu: There is a fine beer soup, the roast pork is accompanied by a beer sauce, and the menu is rounded off more often than not by beer cream and maybe a beer schnapps as well.

Special features:
Large beer garden, own beers, historical malting floor for parties and events, delicious cakes in the baking and cooking parlour, beer weeks, herb days, game season

Bräustüberl zur Kanne
Am Schlossberg 1
85235 Odelzhausen (distr. Dachau / OB)
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Tel. 08134 9987-0

Opening hours:
Daily, 7am to 9.30pm

Schießl Wirtshaus
On March 7, 2004, a major fire severely damaged the 14th century Schiessl inn in the centre of Amberg. The owners managed to save the building, both as a historic landmark and as a tavern possessing the right to brew since the year 1617. The grandfather of the current owner had bought the brewery and the restaurant in 1894. In 1994 the brewery closed its doors – but the restaurant continues to be a legendary destination in Amberg.
The wood-paneled dining room offers a traditional pub atmosphere: hanging above the bar are the steins of the regular patrons, guests can sit outside in the small courtyard with its gazebos, and big parties can be celebrated in the hall known as the "Schwemm" with its historical vaulted ceiling. The traditional cuisine also features specialities such as the Upper Palatine Röstklöß with salad, sour and fried sausages, and "Bauernseufzer". The beer comes from the Amberger brewery Winkler.

Special features:
Untreated Zoiglbier, street sales, speciality beers, courtyard, "Schwemm"

Schiessl Tavern
Untere Nabburger Strasse 8
92224 Amberg (Oberpfalz)
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Tel. 09621 12612

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm and 5pm-11pm,
Saturdays 9-2pm, closed Sundays and public holidays

D’Ehrn – Radizierte Tafernwirtschaft
The The "Radizierte Tafernwirtschaft" in the Finsterau Open Air Museum is anything but a conventional museum café. It is a down-to-earth, "rooted" (the word radix is the Latin for "root"), and highly hospitable place. The original meaning of the term "radiziert" was that the establishment's right to serve food and drink could only be transferred through sale to another owner.
Shifted to the Open Air Museum in 1840, the two-storey building was originally located near the village of Dörfl in the municipality of Kollnburg, in the Regen district. As is typical in the Bavarian Forest, only the ground floor is brick, while the upper floor and gables are wooden. Today, guests can relax in the inn, and celebrate banquets in the large ballroom upstairs. For children, the Stadel is the ideal place for some delicious chips, accompanied by treats pinched from their parents' plates on the so-called "Rabenteller" which are free of charge for them.
The "rooted" home cooking in this area on the Bavarian-Bohemian-Austrian border includes: Heinrich Brunner beef roulade with root sauce, Haidmühler char fillets with Riesling-leek sauce, goose breast with plum sauce, and roast venison with chocolate sauce. From there it's not far to the delicious and outstanding desserts, including Auszogenen, Topfenstrudl, and poppy dumplings.

D 'Ehrn – Radizierte Tafernwirtschaft
in the Finsterau Open-Air Museum
Museumstrasse 51
94151 Mauth (distr. Freyung-Grafenau, NB)
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Tel. 08557 377

Opening hours:
Daily 9-6pm, closed Mondays
December to April also Tuesdays

Brauereigasthof Spezial
The "Spezial" in Bamberg has malted, brewed, cooked, served and hosted ever since the brewery was founded by Linhard Grosskopf in the year 1536. The current owners, the Merz family, can already look back on more than 110 years of tradition. The building with its listed timbered façade largely dates back to the time around 1450. The back yard contains the brewery, built in 1742, while the bottling plant is now housed inside the former stables.
The "Spezial" is one of the two traditional companies in the "beer city" of Bamberg that still produces its own brewing malt. There are five types of beer on offer, including the famous Bamberg smoked beer, characterised by its mild smoky flavour that develops when the malt is dried over an open beechwood fire. To go with the beer, the kitchens offer regional cuisine with local ingredients. Specialities include "Knöchla" which are always in plentiful supply, along with saure Lunge, Fleck, "Bohnakern" and "Zwetschgebames" – none of which can be translated but just enjoyed instead.
The brewery has a beer cellar and a beer garden. It is located at the other end of town, right next to the observatory, and has the most beautiful views of this World Heritage Site. In winter, the fireplace in the lounge provides the perfect atmosphere
Brauerei Gasthof "Spezial"
Sternwartstrasse 1
96049 Bamberg (Ofr.)
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Tel. 0951 54887

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday from 3pm, Saturdays from noon, Sundays and public holidays from 10am, closed on Mondays

Gasthof Gentner
The Gasthof Gentner in Spielberg, in the possession of the Gentner family for over 150 years, dates back to the castle farm of Spielberg. Erected in 1672, the building served as a brewery and inn for the lords of the castle. In 1858, it received its present form: a massive stone building surrounded by outhouses, one of which, the brewery of 1854, deserves particular mention. It was owned by the Gentner family, who brewed their own beer here for 120 years until 1975. In 2004, the inn was completely renovated. For their careful treatment of the old buildings and considerate modern design, Walburga Gentner and Maria Braun- Gentner were awarded the Memorial Prize of the Hypo Kulturstiftung.
The three dining rooms ─ "guest parlour", "yellow parlour" and "blue parlour" ─ are furnished just as comfortably as the individual rooms on the first floor and under the roof. The menu offers "kitchen art, Franconian style". The inn consistently procures the ingredients for its cuisine from regional markets. It is a member of the Slow Food Germany association and is active in the "Regionalbuffet Franken", where the freshness of its products and the short distances they cover are the first priority.

Special features:
Church fair market, summer theater, music events, country outing

Gasthof Gentner
Spielberg 1
91728 Gnotzheim
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Tel. 09833 988930

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Sunday and public holidays 11:30am to 2:30pm and 5:30pm to midnight, Closed Mondays and Tuesdays (Tuesdays and Wednesdays if Monday is a public holiday)

Gasthof Schweiger
The Gasthof Schweiger dates back to the permission granted in 1740 by the Steingaden Monastery to the farmer Johann Martin Lori and his wife Maria, allowing them to run a restaurant in the Wies. For a long time it was the only place of refreshment anywhere in the region for the numerous pilgrims. The striking building, next to the Wies Church, is the former home of the Wies landlord Franz Dominikus Zimmermann. Franz Dominikus, the son of the famous architect Dominikus Zimmermann who spent his last years here, married the widow Maria Lori in 1750 and came into possession of a concession as an innkeeper, baker, butcher and shopkeeper. The two-storey rectangular structure was built northwest of the pilgrimage church that same year as a residence and a shop. The small rooms inside still charmingly reveal their original residential and commercial purpose. For hungry pilgrims and tourists, Gasthof Schweiger has numerous Bavarian and Swabian specialities, accompanied by excellent beer from the brewery. In addition to the hearty fare, the home-made pastry and confectionery includes delicious steamed dumplings and strudels. And, from a seat on the garden terrace, you can sometimes hear the majestic organ sounds from the Wies Church.

Special features:
Garden terrace, wine producers

Gasthof Schweiger
Right next to the Wies Church
86989 Steingaden (distr. Weilheim-Schongau / OB)
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Tel. 08862 500

Opening hours:
Daily 9am to 6pm, Closed Fridays (only in winter!)

Die Wirtshauskarte