German-American Relations

Bavarian– American Academy
The objective of the Bavarian American Academy is to support research on or related to the USA.
German-American Institute Nürnberg
A bi-national not-for-profit institute, financed and organized by Germans and Americans, with the purpose of supporting German-American relations.
Bavarian-American Centre in the Amerikahaus München e.V.
Association for the Bavarian-American cultural exchange
Society for German – American Studies
International non profit-organisation in Ohio.
US Embassy: History of German – American Relations
German- American Society
German- American Society of Celle
German- American Society of Erfurt
German- American Society of Würzburg
German-American Community Office
Bilangual assistance for immigrants in Germany as well as in the US.
German- Atlantic Society
Information on the northern-atlantic alliance.
Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum/ James-F.-Byrnes-Institut e.V.
The Institute’s goal is to foster German-American relations through cultural and other programs.
Deutsch- Pennsylvanischer Arbeitskreis e.V.
The website aims at continually providing all interested in the Pennsylvania Germans (Pennsylvania Dutch) with up-to-date information from the various initiatives, institutions and groups in Germany, the USA and Canada.
Steuben- Schurz- Gesellschaft

The promotion of German-American relations und international understanding are the objectives of the Steuben-Schurz-Society which was founded in 1948.