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Johann Siegmund Schramm

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Born March 31st, 1818 in Plech as fifth of ten children.

1837 Emigration to America with his family

Places of residence: from 1837 in Circleville (Ohio), from 1841 in Burlington (Iowa)

Worked as a printer for an ecclasiastical paper („Religious Telescope”) in Circleville, later for a local paper in Burlington

Ca. 1845 (date of first advertisement) foundation of a retail store (J. S. Schramm Company) in Burlington.

First marriage March 13th, 1843 with Harriet Morgan († 1850 cholera-epidemic),
Second marriage March 24th, 1852 with Amelia Persis Williams,
Two children from the first, eight children from the second marriage.

Died February 17th, 1898 in St. Louis.

See also two articles from the newspaper "The Hawk Eye" (800 S. Main St., Burlington, Iowa 52601) regarding the J. S. Schramm Company:

"Department store famous for beautiful fashion"
"Every garment was a perfect fit"

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