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Emigration in the Problematic Years between the Two World Wars:
the Zeilnhofer Family

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The Zeilnhofer Family

1890 Sister Albertina, a Dominican nun, is sent by her Order to St. Bonifac Church in Newark, New Jersey

1921 Sister Albertina becomes an American citizen

1924 Eduard Zeilnhofer (1899–1986) marries Rosa Maria Fleck, the niece of Sister Albertina

April 1926 Eduard Zeilnhofer, electrical fitter, goes to America

1928 Rosa Zeilnhofer, née Fleck (1898–1967), follows her husband to America. The two of them settles in Belivare, New Jersey.

1928 Maria Zeilnhofer (1908–1969) follows her brother and her sister-in-law to the USA. At first she works as a housemaid.

1929 Michael Zeilnhofer junior (died 1958) follows his brothers and sisters to the USA. His son is stationed in Germany from 1965–1967 as an American soldier.

1929/30 Maria Zeilnhofer marries Munich-born Frank Benz (1909–1997) in New York. The two of them open "Linden House".

1937 Maria Zeilnhofer (1872–1948) visits her children in America for a year.

1948 Michael Zeilnhofer emigrates to America with his children to spend the rest of his days there with them.
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