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Gustav Albin Weißkopf -
The Dream of Flight

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Gustav Albin Weisskopf (1874–1927)

January 1, 1874 Gustav Albin Weisskopf is born in Leutershausen, Franconia.

1887 death of parents,

apprentice bookbinder, then a mechanic

1888 travels to Hamburg and becomes a sailor

1889 Weisskopf joins a group of emigrants to Brazil, but soon goes back to sea

1894 Weisskopf settles in the USA; contact with Otto Lilienthal

1897 experiments with gliders, commissioned by the Boston Aeronautical Society

1897 Marries Luisa Tuba, a Hungarian, in Buffalo. States his profession as "Aeronaut"; lives in Baltimore, and experiments with engines and airscrews

From 1899 Weisskopf works in Pittsburgh with Louis Darvarich, who also witnesses the first attempted flight in 1899.

1900 Moves to Bridgeport, Anton Pruckner becomes his assistant

1901 first successful short flights

1927 Weisskopf dies

On August 14, 1901, in his No. 21, Gustav Weisskopf successfully made the first motorized flight in the world.
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