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Carl David alias Charles Maria Weber -
Adventurer and Town Founder

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1814 born in Steinwenden, the son of a Protestant priest, attends high school in Zweibrücken and then studies trade

1836 Emigrates via Le Havre to New Orleans, together with a cousin.
For five years he earns a living in all kinds of ways, and suffers two attacks of yellow fever

1841 Takes part in a legendary pioneering expedition to the West – it is the first to reach California by the land route

1841/42 given a post by Johann August Sutter, the "Kaiser of California"

From 1842 freelance businessman: with a partner he makes shoes and soap, and runs a smithy, a mill, a bakery, a shop and a hotel.

1845 Buys 19,727 hectares of land

From 1847 Sets up residential and business buildings in order to attract emigrant settlers.

1848 California becomes part of the USA, and gold is discovered near the new settlement

1850 Marriage

1850 The town founded by Weber, named ' Stockton' after an officer, is officially recognized as a municipality

1851, 1853, 1855 birth of two sons and a daughter

from 1860 limits his professional activities to farming

1881 dies of pneumonia

Stockton, a university and industrial town, today has a population of roughly 180,000.
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