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Gretl Uhl -
The "Strudel-Queen" from Partenkirchen

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November 3, 1923 born in Partenkirchen

1930 Gretl starts to ski. As a child she helps out in her parents' restaurant‚ the 'Café Hartl'

1941 she takes part in her first skiing race; after the war she becomes a member of the German national skiing team

1943-45 works on the Reichsbahn

May 1948 marries skiing instructor Sepp Uhl from Garmisch (he was born on 20. 5. 1917)

1950 daughter Renate born

1953 emigrates to Aspen, Colorado

1954 birth of son Anton

1955-66 works as a skiing instructor

1966-80 Gretl's restaurant becomes famous all over America for its Apfelstrudel

1980-90 works as a consultant for a restaurant in the Aspen Highlands

August 1993 death of husband Sepp Uhl

January 2002 admitted to the 'Aspen Hall of Fame'

February 20, 2002 dies in Aspen, Colorado
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