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Georg Schramm -
An American Pioneer from Upper Franconia

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February 12, 1816 Georg Schramm is born in Plech
An accident interrupts his studies: instead of theology he decides to study business

1837 Johann Christoph Schramm, Gorg's father, emigrates with his family; he probably wanted to give his children new perspectives and avoid the reglementation of the Bavarian civil service.

Georg now calls himself George, and settles in Circleville, Ohio

1843 marries Isabella Christ, an immigrant whose family settled in Pennsylvania.

1845 he founds a haberdashery store in Farmington, Iowa; business is successful. He earns a living from railway and bridge building, quarries and oil, and also canned pork.

1852 elected to the Iowa senate for five years as a candidate for the Whig party, he is a member of the Iowa House of Representatives between 1862 and 1864

1867 moves to Des Moines, Iowa

1900 Isabella Schramm dies

July 26, 1906 George Schramm dies in his summerhouse
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