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Erhard Pentenrieder -
Trader, Artist, and "Casino-Aristocrat"

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January 1830 Born in Aibling, Upper Bavaria, the son of merchant and mayor Josef Pentenrieder

Before 1850 works as a trading assistant in Munich; joins the gymnastics association there

May 1850 emigrates to America on the "Emma" under Captain Edzard
wanders through the USA for several years

End of 1852 settles down in San Antonio; founds a business with a friend: "Pentenrieder & Blersch Store Wholesale & Retail - Fancy Goods, Musical Instruments, Perfumery, Toys"; sells photographs and "artwork" – also works as an artist. Member of the gymnastics association and the German "Casino Club"

1861 Emigrates to Mexico when the Civil War breaks out, and travels on from there to Germany

1866 Returns to San Antonio – founds a new business

1869 commander of the new fire brigade and member of the board of directors of the newly-founded 'National Bank'.

Before 1870 marries Franziska ("Fanny") Eule, born 1843 in Prussia.

1875 gives up his business in the spring because of a long illness (tuberculosis)
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