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From Schiefweg to Chicago -
Poetess Emerenz Meier from the Bavarian Forest

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An emigrant with an ambivalent attitude towards her new home country

October 3, 1874 Emerenz Meier is born in Schiefweg near Waldkirchen in the Bavarian Forest; her father runs an inn in Waldkirchen

1881–1888 Attends the three-class Mary Ward primary school in Waldkirchen

1891 The Meier family buys a farm in Oberndorf near Waldkirchen. The father becomes a cattle dealer.

1893 Meets Auguste Unertl (1864–1941), who becomes her friend and supporter. First prose works published in newspapers, magazines and calendars.

1896 a volume containing four tales "From the Bavarian Forest" is published.

1898 meets Hans Carossa (1878–1956), who becomes her friend.

1900 her parents lose their farm in Oberndorf. Emerenz Meier attends a school of trade in Würzburg for more than three months. In 1900/02, two of her works are performed in the Civic Theatre in Passau.

1903–1905 Her father and two of her sisters emigrate to Chicago.

1906 Emerenz Meier emigrates to Chicago with her mother. She earns a living there as a worker.

1907 marries Joseph Schmöller (born 1912)

1908 birth of son Joseph Franz

1912 marries John Lindgren (born 1925)

1919 restarts correspondence with Auguste Unertl

February 28, 1928 Emerenz Meier dies in Chicago
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