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"... You don't become an American in America – you become one returning to Europe" - the painter Richard Lindner

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Richard Lindner, Nuremberg – New York

1901 born in Hamburg. Richard is the second child of Jüdell (Julius) Lindner and his wife Mina (née Bornstein).

1905 the family move to Nuremberg.

1922 starts studying at the school of applied arts in Nuremberg.

1925 lives in Frankfurt.

1926 star pupil of Professor Max Körner at the Nuremberg School of Applied Arts.

1927 Moves to Berlin.

1929 Moves to Munich.

1930 Marries Elsbeth Schülein.

1933 Emigrates to Paris.

1939 Interned by the French police.

1941 Escapes to New York via Lyon and Lisbon.

1942 Elsbeth Schülein separates from Lindner

1943 his father dies in Theresienstadt.

1948 becomes an American citizen.

1950 Travels to Paris. Starts painting.

1952 Teaching post at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

1962 The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y. buys the painting The Meeting

1965 Lectures at University of the Fine Arts, Hamburg.

1968 Takes part in documenta 4 in Kassel.

1969 Marries the painter Denise Kopelman.

1974 Retrospectives in Paris, Rotterdam, Düsseldorf, Zürich, Vienna and Nuremberg.

1976 His first visit to Nuremberg since he emigrated.

1978 Dies in New York.
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