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The Heilner Brothers from Urspringen -
A Successful Emigrant Family from Bavaria

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Seligmann (1823–1886) and Sigmund Heilner (1834-1917)

1823 Seligmann Heilner is born in Urspringen, The father, Aron Heilner, is a teacher in the local Jewish school

1834 Sigmund Heilner born in Urspringen

1845 Seligmann emigrates to America

circa 1848 Seligmann goes to California, where gold has just been discovered

from 1853 Seligmann runs a clothing store in Crescent City, Northern California

1853 Sigmund emigrates to America, having trained as a textile dealer

1855 the brothers meet in San Francisco, travel to Crescent City and on to Browntown, a Gold Rush community in Althouse Creek, Oregon

1855/56 Rogue River Indian War. Sigmund provides the volunteers with weapons and ammunition

1860–1962 Seligmann spends time in Germany, Sigmund continues the business

1863 Sigmund sells the store in Browntown and goes into quartz mining, but gives up in 1866

1864–1874 Years of uncertainty, many changes of abode, different businesses, and Sigmund works as a peddler as well as a painter

1874 In Portland, Sigmund marries Clara Neuberger from Hainstadt in the Odenwald

1876 Move to Baker City, store opened together with Seligmann and other partners, Sigmund goes into real estate

1881 Sigmund founds the first bank in Baker City, and builds a house for his family

1884 Sigmund becomes a successful businessman, runs a haulage firm, and owns farms, several houses and a hotel

1886 Seligmann, who continued with his restless existence, is a witness in a murder trail – and is shot in the street outside his brother's store

1909 Sigmund Heilner withdraws from business and hands his store over to his two sons
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