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Emigration as a Way out of Personal Tragedy -
The Brothers Hans and Xaver Dodel from Wolfertschwenden in San Francisco

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Hans Dodel (1858–1931)

Trains as a pharmacist, but is not allowed to join the army because of health reasons.

1884/85 decides to follow his brother's advice and goes to California to improve his health.

Dr. Xaver Dodel (1855–1938)

Trains as a doctor, opens surgery in Munich

1883 death of wife and first child

1884/85 accompanies his brother to America

Whether both were planning to emigrate permanently is not known. They settle in San Francisco. Hans Dodel sets up a pharmacy, and Dr. Xaver Dodel opens a practise as a doctor and a dentist.

1895 The brothers marry the two sisters Mathilde (1870–1937) and Bertha (died 1905) Egger from Augsburg.

1905 Death of Bertha Dodel

1923 the brothers Hans and Xaver, and the latter's wife Mathilde Dodel, return to Wolfertschwenden. The Dodels decide to spend their old age back in Germany. They lose their entire fortune in the inflation crisis of 1923-24 and have to start again from scratch: Hans Dodel opens a pharmacy in Legau, and runs it until his death in 1931. Xaver and Mathilde Dodel return to San Francisco.
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