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Joseph Breitenbach - A Munich Photographer in New York

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1896 born in Munich

from 1916 contacts with the independent social democrats in Kurt Eisner's circle

1922 takes over his father's wine wholesale business

1932 bankruptcy, then he opens a photo studio; works as a theatre photographer at the Munich Kammerspielen

1933 Emigration because of his political past and his Jewish origins

1934 Opens a photo studio in Paris, portraits of B. Brecht, M. Ernst, J. Joyce etc.

1939–1941 Interned in various French camps

1941 Travels to New York via Trinidad, opens a photo studio, works as a photo-journalist from 1944 various exhibitions

1947 travels to Rocky Mountains to take photos ( Colorado)

1949 teaching post at the New School of Social Research

1950 travels to Canada to take photos

1952/53 head of photographic department of United Nations Korean Relief (UNKRA)

1956–1967 numerous photographic trips commissioned by the UN, UNICEF and international companies

1968 book "Women of Asia" published

1984 Josef Breitenbach dies in New York
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