Letters, Texts

Excerpts from Georg Schramm's diary about the journey to America 1837 (German language)

The Farewell Party of the Munich Emigration Society 1849 (German language)

Excerpt from the police records about the departure of Fidel Schlund and his family in February 1853 (German language)

Abstract from the correspondence between Max Mahler from Oberstaufen and Fidel Schlund from Newark, New Jersey (German language)

About the illegal emigration of Johannes Schmideler (German language)

Quotations from emigrants' letters regarding the provisions during the crossing, 1840s (German language)

Quotations from emigrants' letters, 19th century (German language)

The reality of everyday life in America (German language)

Diary of the missionary to the Indians Johann Jakob Schmidt, 1858 (German language)

Report by Christian Barthelmess about the Grand Canyon Expedition of 1887/88 (German language)

Report of Xaver Dodel on the San Francisco Earthquake, April 24-26, 1906 (German language)

Poems by Emerenz Meier (German language)

Beginning Skiing with Sepp Uhl,
Certified instructor, Aspen Ski School

The Case Fuchs/Hechenleitner (German language)

Samples of the Franconian dialect from Frankenmuth



America Song: Jetzt ist die Zeit und Stunde da

Palatine Traveling Musicians

Percy Einsig,
The Pennsylvania Dutch Singing Troubardour

Walburg Boys, Alpine Style

Musical Trot with Liselott