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Supporting Associations
Most emigrants had never been on long journeys in their lives. This made them easy prey for confidence tricksters, both during the crossing as well as on arrival in the US. Protection and advice in Germany as well as during the voyage were provided by associations such as the Raphael Association or by welfare and social workers.

Prospective emigrants formed privately organized emigrant associations in order to buy land on a community basis and thus minimize the risks involved. The success of such ventures depended to a very large extent on the business know-how and local knowledge of those who ran such associations. Emigrant associations were usually disbanded as soon as a business footing had been established.

In America, numerous German Societies provided the new arrivals with support, helping them to look for accommodation and work, taking care of the sick, and organizing language courses.

Initial help and advice on finding jobs and accommodation was often provided by relatives and friends who had already emigrated to the US and established themselves there.

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