Life, business, work, and everything connected with these things are all very different here to what we are used to in the old homeland

This experience of America, described here by Joseph Wühr, an emigrant from Hofern near Kötzting, in a letter to his father in 1894, was shared by many who left Europe to start a new life on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. This exhibition "Good Bye Bayern - Grüß Gott America" follows the trail they left.

With numerous original exhibits from Germany and from the USA, contemporary interviews, music, examples of various dialects, and simulated scenes, the exhibition shows some of the motives that led emigrants to leave Europe and depicts the new lives they started in the USA. Biographies of various individuals and groups give visitors an insight into the history of emigration and allow them to experience this phenomenon at first hand.

This Website provides a broad overview over the exhibition and the related topics, including photographs not shown before in Europe.